Print intelligent badges with NFC tag

Badges are amazing advertisement object and with the integrated NFC tag they become multimedia. The small NFC tag is a short form for Near Field Communications and will be invisible integrated into your badges and is than able to store different amounts of data. You can store website addresses, virtual business cards, e-tickets etc. easily and fast. In the future. your customer can get access the data directly from their mobilephone and get autmatically redirected to your website where they find information about your services or products. The NFC tags are reuseable and with an NFC able mobilephone new data can be stored on these chips. 

Program NFC tags on badges by yourself or let us do the work  

All NFC badges from us can be easily and fast programmed. You only need an APP and a NFC able mobilephone. You can program every NFC badge individually. Alternatively, we program your NFC badges for you and deliver these "ready to use". In this case you only have to share your badges and don't have to do anything else.

Personalize your NFC badges

All badges can be personalized with a design template or with our online designer. Certainly, also neon badges can be equipped with NFC tags. NFC tags are also useable as electronical or personalized tickets. 

Prices and delivery times of NFC badges

The delivery time for badges with NFC tags is around 2-3 weeks. The prices depend on the quantity of the NFC badges and the required storage size. Please contact us for a concrete offer. You can also call us. We can ship the badges in a package or you can pick them us in our office in Berlin-Mariendorf. You can find more informations about: How to find us. A nice pot of coffee is included in every pickup!.

>> contact us for an individual offer