Button-King paper stamp

Templates for 25, 37, 50 and 59 mm badges Easy to use Permanent usage
Papierstanze Tecre 25 mm
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The paper stamps at Button-King are available for 25 mm, 37 mm, 50 mm, 59 mm and 68x44 mm... more
Info and Help "Button-King paper stamp"

The paper stamps at Button-King are available for 25 mm, 37 mm, 50 mm, 59 mm and 68x44 mm badges. The paper stamps are made of metall and are a high quality product. They are made for permanent usage. So its easier to cut your templates for the badge parts. You only have to cut your printed motives into stripes and put them under the paper stamp. Now its easy to use the lever to cut the paper into circles, perfect for the usage with your badge parts. Your badges will look perfect and are easier to produce. The paper stamps are easier to use than circle cutter, espacilly for children. 

Produce perfect circles with paper stamps of Button-King

From now on you will produce your perfect round or angular motives much easier with our paper stamps. Insert the stripe into the opening and than you can easily cut the motive into the right shape. So your badges will be much more nicer and your collegues, friends and family will be jealous.

Paper stamps for all badges and magnets

It's so easy to cut your templates for badges with pins, badges with clips, badges with bottle opener, clothing magnets and fridge magnets with the Button-King paper stamp. Try the paper stamp of Button-King now and look forward to produce your perfect badges for every kind of event in nearly every amount.