Round suction pad badges

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If you have problems during the upload process of your motive, please send us an email with your attached motive at support(at) after ordering. Please insert also your order number. You wil find your order number in the order confirmation after ordering. 

You can find printing templates here: Show printing templates.

If you are not using the printing template, please position your motive in our online designer. If you have any problems using it, don't upload a motive during the order and send us an email with your motive at support(at)

You can start the online designer using the appropriate button easy. There you have the possibility to add an image, resize it for optimal positiong and add textes. You can see the final result of your badge at the end and put your badge into the cart. In this way designer your badge makes fun and is also easy and fast. 

Using our data check, we will send you an emaill which includes a file with the positioning of your motive on a badge after ordering but before we produce them. Then you can check the motive and can send us desired changes or can allow us the production.

You can find more information about our data checks here: Data checks at Button-King.

The glossy surface is the classic version of all badge surfaces and protects the badges from scratches and humidity. The mat surface appears to be very precious and provides the badges a unique and high quality look. Our Soft-Touch-Surface is a special finishing for badges. This creates a slight "velvet" surface.


Neon-badges glow through their loud color and attract much more attention. They get single color printed in black. 

If you chose the metallic-look, you can see the metallic surface of the badges. All areas which are white normally will be silver. Also the printed areas will glow metallic.


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The Same-Day-Production is available up to a quantity of 1000 badges and an ordering until 12 am of the actual day. We produce your badges and you can pick them up after 5 pm. Optional, we can mail them with a courier or alternatively as Express package at the next day.

You can find more information about the delivery time and shipping costs here.

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Round suction pad badges are a perfect "eye-catcher" for the attachment to the most smooth... more
Info and Help "Round suction pad badges"

Round suction pad badges are a perfect "eye-catcher" for the attachment to the most smooth surfaces (windows, tiles etc.). You can remove the suction pad badges easily without a trace and attach them to another place. We use special suction pad for our round badges which attach them very close to the surface. Our suction pad badges are imprinted in 4c with your motive or logo (optional with pantone printing). You can order quantities from 1 to 100.000 pieces and more. We also offer to take over the packaging of your badges.

Your advantages at Button-King

  • Premium quality and fast delivery 
  • Free motive check with each order
  • Color calibrated production environment for optimal results
  • Highest quality and velocity
  • Round suction pad badges "Made in Germany" 

Attach round suction pad badges to mirrors or glasses

Round suction pad badges can be attached to glas surfaces, mirrors or tiles. So you can e.g. attach your imprinted badges to a mirror on an exhibition and remove them later easily. It's very easy to attach the small round suction pad  badges to glasses. You can imprint these with your individual motive.

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