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If you have any problems uploading your motive, please send us your motive via email at grafik(at) after ordering. Please include the order number. You can find them in your order confirmation. 

You can find printing templates here: Show printing templates.


Here you can choose how your stickers should be delivered.

As sheets mean, that your stickers will be delivered on one or more printing bows. This is suggestive if you want to glue your stickers to your products etc.

As single cut should be chosen if you want to get your stickers as single pieces. Thereby your stickers will be delivered as single stickers. So it's easy to distributethem.

Bei der digitalen Freigabedatei erhalten Sie nach Ihrer Bestellung, aber vor der Produktion, eine Ansichtsdatei Ihres Aufklebers per E-Mail zugesendet. Danach haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihr Motiv zu ändern oder es zur Produktion freizugeben.

Mehr Informationen zu den Datenchecks erhalten Sie unter Datenchecks bei Button-King.

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Quantity Unit price
To 1 €25.64 *
From 2 €23.38 *
From 3 €20.51 *
From 4 €18.15 *
From 5 €15.90 *
From 11 €12.92 *
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  Stickers made of high quality vinyl foil  Fast delivery, optional as Super-Express and... more
Info and Help "Large size stickers"


  • Stickers made of high quality vinyl foil 
  • Fast delivery, optional as Super-Express and Same-day pick-up
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • All prices include 7 print
  • Create individual sizes with our Sticker Configurator or use our ready-to-use formats

Personalize DIN A1 stickers

The DIN A1 sticker (594 mm x 841 mm) offers the maximum space for your motive. It’s suitable as poster or to stick them onto an advertising space on exhibitions or in a showroom. The DIN A1 sticker has a high and optimal resolution even from a closer look.

Personalize DIN A2 - A3 stickers

If you need smaller DIN stickers, we produce them from a quantity of one for you. Like with all our products you will get our high quality and short delivery times. The large size stickers of DIN A2 - DIN A3 have a width between 594 mm and 297 mm and have a maximum height of 420 mm. All large size stickers are available with round or angular corners. We are using high quality brand-name products made of vinyl as printing substrates. Vinyl foil provide your large size sticker with a high durability. 

All used inks are Greenguard Gold certified. The GREENGUARD-Gold-Certificate guarantees that the ink doesn’t contain any noxious substances and that the ink of our DIN stickers are suitable for the usage in schools or hospitals. 

All large size stickers from Button-King are produced in Germany and are shipped in many european countries.

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